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Ken-Knit (Kenya) Ltd. is the first, fully integrated textile manufacturing company in East and Central Africa, based in Eldoret, Kenya (320 Km North West of Nairobi).

For almost 50 years now, the Ken-Knit name has been synonymous with top quality designer and wardrobe fashion knitwear. Over the decades, Ken-Knit has kept itself abreast with modern technology and continued growing within the textile sector. The late 1970’s saw the introduction of a ‘Composite spinning and dyeing plant’ for 100% acrylic, wool-acrylic, cotton acrylic, hand-knitting and hosiery yarn.

The mid 1980’s witnessed the establishment of a ‘Woven blanket manufacturing unit’ with an annual capacity of one million blankets ensuring ‘Seagull Checks’ and ‘Winter King’ brands become household names for warmth and comfort in Kenya and neighbouring countries.

The 1990’s saw the installation of a complete fibre dyeing plant along with a ‘Two for One Twister’ and a ‘Winding Machine’. Production capabilities were further upgraded in the knitting department where the installation of a ‘Pearl Embroidery Machine’ allowed for a greater range of designs and finishes. This was further advanced through the acquisition of a ‘Printing & Raising Machine’ exclusively for knitwear – the first of its kind in East Africa.

Since the turn of the millennium – Ken-Knit has taken over the former manufacturing unit of the famous Raymonds Woollen Mills, renaming it Rupa Mills Ltd. The company has also revamped the entire wool industry in Kenya since 2003 making it the leading manufacturer of 100% wool products coupled with recent backward integration in association with sheep rearing farmers to produce quality wool for the manufacture of ‘Relief Blankets’, 100% wool jerseys for various agencies and high quality materials. Ken-Knit’s wide-ranging product line includes knitwear, blankets, yarns, Masaai shukas, damas fabric, wool, polyester/viscose suiting materials, wool tops, bed sheets and quality garments.



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